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Asbestos removal

"We remove asbestos materials for businesses in the regions of Navarra, La Rioja, Basque Country, Aragon, Asturias, Cantabria, and also for the rest of Spain and Europe..."

Luis Bastida SL. is a company inscribed in the RERA of the community of La Rioja. We execute for our clients all type of integrated services related to the removal of asbestos material. They include:

  • The Development of a work project and its presentation to the pertaining governmental body for its approval.
  • The Management, in order to locate an official dump site or land fill area, monitoring and control, and also to provide every document required by environmental agencies.
  • The Relocation of the asbestos material in certified and labeled sacks or bags. Also for the worker┤s EPIs, and all of this according to the pertaining legislation.
  • We provide the onsite decontamination chamber (following the RD. 396/2006, which regulates the welfare and safety of the workers), specific machinery and the signage required within the contaminated site or building to be dismantled.
  • The analysis of the recounting of personal and environmental fibers with certified measuring equipment.
  • Administrative management and handling for all of the documentation necessary during the asbestos removal process and its consequent disposal in the certified dump area.
  • The posterior work needed for the new roof covering, and we work with every material.

Asbestos is a material composed of micro fibers that are present in nature in different forms. In Spain, they used white (chrysotile) asbestos in 90% of cases. The most common usage of white asbestos was in fiber cement corrugated sheets (Uralita), panels, wall partitions and also in gutters, storage tanks and water pipes.

An extended exposure to asbestos can cause respiratory problems when the fibers of this mineral are inhaled, and in some cases where the exposure has gone on for a long period of time, it may cause lung cancer, harmful mesothelioma and asbestosys.

For this reason, the authorized companies for asbestos removal, such as Bastida, have individual protection gear (EPIs), to be used by qualified professionals.

Also, the Real decreto 396/2006, establishes guidelines in maintenance of facilities with asbestos, the removal of materials with this mineral, the establishment of a Work Plan, ongoing education requirements, the health of the workers, and the evaluation of every risk that every certified company must follow. The company that carries out an asbestos project must also be inscribed in the RERA, in the regional labor institution and Social Security, or in the pertaining Regional institutions.

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